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There’s no advice in the world that could offer anything more than what the heart calls us to do. Sometimes it pounds so loud as our guts begin to implode. While other times it is soft, like a whisper, where we are straining just to listen. It will always speak to us, in subtlety or exacerbates in the uncomfortable or in excitement. When people begin to invade our heart space with their “shoulds” and their “you oughts” and their “you can’ts” or “you need to” or “shouldn’t” - it is in these “advising” moments that our physical body can guide us to our heart. Our physical body holds our thoughts, our life, our stories, the lies, and truths. You see, the heart leads the way and it always be our guide, there is no advice we can offer others or take from others that follows the path of truth. This why the asana practice is important, we are stirring, opening, contracting, expanding - we are moving through our emotions, we are opening the storage box of indexes of this life. This is our practice; to move the body, to connect within, and shift from the soul, our heart center. #thisismyyoga

good luck.

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