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Wall assisted Scorpion pose with Yoga Teacher Keith Levin. ©AmyGoalenPhotography

Everyone, everything, and every moment guides us in daily lesson. The speeding car racing in traffic is my teacher. The happy barista singing tunes in my morning cup is my teacher. The church welcome sign (“no perfect people allowed”) is my teacher. The busy mama with hollering kiddos is my teacher. The people that share their morning practice with me are my teachers. The young girls playing hop scotch are my teachers. The messy house is my teacher. The people that don’t like me are my teachers. The people that love me are my teachers. Everything around me teaches me to love. Love teaches me to be present. Love connects me with my soul in every moment. It is our connections within that transpire to each other. We are all teachers teaching each other the ‘how-tos’ of life and my hope is to teach each other the ‘how-to’ to love, above all, in this life. May we fill our cups with so much love that overflows into our neighbor’s cup. lovealltheway